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You're SPECIAL - Littlepip Vs Blackjack by Somethingguy912 You're SPECIAL - Littlepip Vs Blackjack by Somethingguy912
Hello folks, somethingguy here, once again back to attack the nature of the FOE mythos. Since I was curious as to the Two Protagonist's SPECIAL skill points, derived from Fallout 3, I made my own consensus based on their personalities, hobbies, likes, interests, and how they attack a particular situation at hand, and if well. To note: These SPECIAL stats are not Post-Stats that are gained via per chapter, just the basic 40 points that can be attributed to SPECIAL at the start of the game, adjusted to meet the character in likeness. For those of you not familiar with the abbreviation, here it is down below:


Now for those wondering why I scaled them as such, this description also has details about each attribute in question, detailing the fundamentals that lead to their stats.

STRENGTH: (Littlepip) Littlepip is not known to warrant the burden of heavy weapons, bullets or supplies. She only has three primary weapons, all of which are small in caliber, such as the name implies. Also, in terms of melee damage output, Littlepip is also poor on that. (Blackjack) Blackjack is more keen to wearing heavy security barding than to be exposed freely. She is a shotgun surgeon and a purveyor of a nasty deathclaw guantlet and has repeatedly used her Pipbuck with success as a subsitute maul. Her work as Security Mare in Stable 99 have boosted her Physique more than 'Pip.

PERCEPTION: (Littlepip) Littlepip is more aware of the surroundings before her and is always partically curious about scavenged loot that usually never leave her eye. She is observant of how buildings came to be, their usefulness, and their inevitable demise, as well as the insight of her companions. (Blackjack) Blackjack suffers from being often too straightforward with her perusing around dangerous areas, not to mention not even recognizing the Boss of Filly in the midst of conversing with her. Not to mention that her repeated use of drinking whiskey has also cut back on her noticing much of anything around her.

ENDURANCE: (Littlepip) Again, her name would imply that Littlepip cannot take much physical, mental or emotional harm in any stance. While she is good willed and wont brake down for even the most simplest of pleasures, her fallback on Mintals shows that weakness is a alluring demon over her. Simple grazes can warrant errant screaming and often help to keep her from fighting back. (Blackjack) Managing to take 4 different drugs and booze all at the same time without much to wine about, Blackjack is a fully able bodied pony. Once again, despite that she slacked at her job as Security, she was bred inherently for to be extremely resilient to any of those who would fight back. Repeated stab wounds and bullets will not keep her down, she will continue to fight in full form.

CHARISMA: (Littlepip) Littlepip is constantly insecure about her sexuality and feelings for other ponies. She often gets too easily embarrassed over simple heartfelt jokes, and does not pervade her desires or wants onto those who care about her, often being somewhat passive aggressive upon the whole situation. (Blackjack) Blackjack fares somewhat better, often being the victim of bluntness, often being honestly rude but content with her wordsay. Blackjack doesn't exhibit much insecurities at all, and usually takes things that would be insults as compliments, for the most part. Not to mention that Blackjack is much more open about her sexuality than Littlepip.

INTELLIGENCE: (Littlepip) Littlepip is able to craft clever schemes even when she can't remember them. Her skill in technology, lockpicking and getting into the wit of the enemy makes her a hard pony to outsmart. She is able to disarm mines with her levitation, program her pipbuck in ways in which it would not be able too, and usually use her intelligence as a form of intimidation as well. (Blackjack) as she is so content in believing, Blackjack is a hard headed pony. Not making any sort of plan, not understanding the simple process of the Ministries and the O.I.A., and being usually foolhardy in any suspicious activity, Blackjack shoots first, than asks questions later.

AGILITY: (Littlepip) Littlepip can be very quiet and stealthy to allure the enemy at mostly any front. IN her gunplay, she isn't that particularly well equipped, but is able to use her intellect to make her weapons deadly. Her small frame also allows her to be a much harder target for many, being able to dodge much slower, prompt attacks. (Blackjack) Blackjack isn't too far lower than Littlepip, her larger frame and slower movements cut her down lower ,but her gunplay is much more slick due to her inbred skills as Security. Her stealth also isn't anything to sing home about, mostly mediocre at best as she usually loves to display herself out to her enemies.

LUCK: (Littlepip) Littlepip has as about the kind of average luck you can get for anypony. Usually good fortune and bad are mixed to give a distilling gray blur along her adventures. (Blackjack) Her skills in cardplay make her a much more forunate, lucky pony. Her draft subtlety in subduing her enemies, even unarmed, also give her a bright lining in terms of luck. Not to mention her survival of overdosing on 4 different drugs, all at the same time without braking a sweat.

HOPE you enjoy! (p.s. this will be in the FOE folder, despite that it technically isn't a cover of anything)

FINAL NOTE: Used the similar font style from the Littlepip Cover, with a few touches of the backdrop. As usual, I borrowed the vectors from Brisneo, which at this point I will admit that he is damn good at what he does.

ANOTHER NOTE: Added the "Subtitle" section that the other two had as well.
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Songbreeze741 Featured By Owner May 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think BJ's got at least a 5 in intelligence
darkxsl Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014
Compare Xenith and Lacunae and title it Secret Weapons or Exotic Partners. Something like that.
Somethingguy912 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2014  Professional Writer
that might work, but then again, Lacunae is much more powerful than Xenith.
juggierocksXP Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014
The SPECIAL system has always been in Fallout since the first one though . - .
Somethingguy912 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2014  Professional Writer
so, why exactly is a problem for you for me to use it? And as I said, I'm basing this off of how Bethesda has developed the system.
juggierocksXP Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014
I'm just saying when I saw the words "derived from Fallout 3"
Somethingguy912 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2014  Professional Writer
OK, still doesn't explain why you thought that I completely disregarded the first two. Is just Fallout 3 is in a realm of it's own, with a entirely different gameplay system and dev team.
Kippershy Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
For the record, Blackjack's SPECIAL listed here isn't correct. As far as I remember, Somber said she had 5 intelligence and 9 luck. I don't remember the rest.
However, Somber is awful as sticking to anything he plans out and probably made it up on the fly, so... heh.
Somethingguy912 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Professional Writer
It's my take on it, everyone is going to have their own introspect on it.

But I do admit, his take on gender roles very early in the series is great, especially coming from a Male.
mego-pie Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014
i would think that black jack intelligence wouldn't be to low since she increases in skills very quickly. also 3 intelligence is borderline retarded in the games. if you go down to an intelligence of 2 or 1 you start getting special dialogue options such as " me help shoulders make shines warm" when telling Ignacio Rivas at helios one that you are going to help the ncr get the solar power working .
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