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You're SPECIAL - Trixie VS Goldenblood by Somethingguy912 You're SPECIAL - Trixie VS Goldenblood by Somethingguy912
And now is the time for the newest You're Special done, the Malevolent Relics, people that either were hateful or were hated during the Pre-War era of Equestria. While Goldenblood is leagues more prolific as one hella-malevolent relic, Trixie was the only one who could match him in her background and overall effect on the area around. As for credits, the Art of Goldenblood was carefully cropped from TheOmegaRidley's drawing, and the trixie vector was cropped from NebulonB100 . Yes, surprisingly enough, I did not take a vector from Vector-Brony and/or Brisineo. Now to the meat of these bones:

STRENGTH: (Trixie) While Trixie isn't prone to holding more than her own weight, Trixie's initial magic power and usually proud and enthusiastic self-fulfillment allow her to keep herself from being canonically weak to other unicorns. (Goldenblood) Being poisoned by a pink cloud trap has made Goldenblood barely able to even walk properly, often needing help from other ponies to help him up if his sickness overwhelms him.

PERCEPTION: (Trixie) Trixie is typically too proud for her own good and often way too narcisstic in order to be observant of her own worth, Trixie's aftermarket mutation gave her more insight, using other alicorns in order to learn and adapt against her enemies. (Goldenblood) While Goldenblood has the dirt on every single person during the Pre-War, Goldenblood often also undermines the bredth of his own observance, often jumping to assertions even from his most hated oppositions, such as the M.O.M and Luna. 

ENDURANCE: (Trixie) Trixie being inherently tough and awe-inspiring, her harmonized Goddess powers also give her increased longevity, even after her grand defeat. (Goldenblood) while Goldenblood is resistant (or immune) to the Pink Cloud, Goldenblood would probably easily die with the wrong speed of wind due to his physical weakness from the Pink Cloud. Essentially a double-edged sword.

CHARISMA: (Trixie) Trixie is good at making others amazed at her, but as far as humility, kindness or subtlety, Trixie is about as average as any other pony who can be sometimes convincing and selfish. (Goldenblood) Able to read the feelings and motivations of every person even if only knowing them for mere seconds, Goldenblood can lie, manipulate and control everyone psychologically and pathologically, known infamously as the pony "full of secrets and lies".

INTELLIGENCE: (Trixie) Trixie's egotism once again gets in the way of her better knowledge of things, often being too confident in her Goddess powers in order to subdue others without learning from past mistakes apart from tactics. (Goldenblood) Goldenblood may not know all, but he certainly knows alot. His charisma and position as CEO of the OIA allow him to usually predict for the most part how certain people are going to act as well as motivations of Amadi and the zebrakind.

AGILITY: (Trixie) Trixie's usually sneaky magic as well as having an army under her literal psyche, Trixie is able to freely move the chess pieces all within the humble abode of Maripony. (Goldenblood) Again, being distended by the Pink Cloud has made Goldenblood a usually unworthy fighter, unable to shoot sneak or even avoid most combat, only being coincidentally in safe spaces.

LUCK: (Trixie) Being outcasted as a sham as well as being an amalgamation of different ponies has made Trixie's personality and self overall unfortunate, unable to get past past grudges and often projecting them against other people. (Goldenblood) Goldenblood fares slightly better despite most of everyone universally hating him under some exceptions (Blackjack, Psalm, etc.); his position and overall control of the governmental heirarchy as well as the Ministries also gave him free reign and essentially infinite resources, even being able to continue to live his petty existence moaning for about 2 centuries.

TAGS: (Science/ Science): Both Trixie and Goldenblood are both well versed in sciences, Trixie being overall talented on unicorn magic and Goldenblood on cultures as well as rocks.

(Arcane Magic/ Survival): Trixie's Goddess mutation has given her almost infinite arcane magic, weilding the power of about many thousands of alicorn duplicates. / Goldenblood surviving the Pink Cloud, resisting the pink cloud and still surviving overall the Great War has made Goldenblood able to manage most pains.

(Speech/ Speech): Once again, both Trixie and Goldenblood both are good in speech, for different reasons. Trixie has an advantage in speech due to her psychological control as well as adaption to certain oppositions, Goldenblood being in a position where he has to psychologically manipulate many different ponies all on his own and happenstance managing it.
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Shadow9808 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015
Malevolent Relics indeed. Small wonder that Trixie doesn't have any stats that beat out Goldenblood; hell, if given the chance, he'd crack her like a peanut and manipulate her actions to his goals too.
Somethingguy912 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Professional Writer
more than likely, which is why I said that Goldenblood is initially leagues ahead against Trixie in the grand scheme of things. But as for this, I got to make them equal SOMEHOW.
Shadow9808 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015
Certainly a difficult challenge to tackle, to be certain. But like the other charts, I think you did really well.
Somethingguy912 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Professional Writer
Thanks! I appreciate your sentiments into trying to make these characters pin up against one another equally!
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